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UN International Day of Friendship: 30 July

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Information sheets from

The United Nations, as part of its Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace, has designated 30 July as the International Day of Friendship.

The UN recognises the importance and value of friendships.  Friendships, between individuals, countries, organisations, and cultures can inspire peace, transcend differences and provide opportunities to grow. has a handout on special days for families and friends which investigates how celebrations for individuals vary across cultures from Saints Days in Italy to Mother’s and Father’s Days.

The end of term might be an ideal opportunity to reaffirm the friendships between your students before the long summer break.  Why not get them making cards or cooking fairy cakes to share.

Energy balance and healthy eating

Friday, July 8th, 2011

Lesson plans, teaching resources and a fun game

One-in-eight parents thinks that their children are fat – and most of them confess to being part of the problem; by giving them foods high is sugar and/or fat.  Half of them would also like to do more exercise with their children but cited lack of time as an issue, a study revealed yesterday.

Parents and schools can help with a whole-family or whole-school approach. has developed a number of teaching resources looking at getting the right balance of food to match lifestyle of each individual. 

You can teach your class how to measure their activity using pedometers (which are available from as little as £2 each) and using the Eat Well plate they can design their own healthy balanced menu.

We have lesson plans, activity sheets and complimentary resources on energy balance and healthy eating for both the 7-11 and the 11-14 age groups. Follow the links below to download them.  They are all free of charge and there is no registration necessary.

7-11 Lesson plans
7-11 Classroom resources

11-14 Lesson plans
11-14 Classroom resources

Also available is a fun, end of year activity – The Energenie Energy Trail.  An online interactive board game where children play individually rolling the dice, answering questions, avoiding forfeits and getting round the board.  You can play here.