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The half term is nearly here…

The upcoming break is the perfect time to plan your lessons for the new term but you don’t need to miss out on a social life to prepare them. Our ready-made lesson plans are split into age groups and focus on key areas of the curriculum. We even have interactive whiteboard activities and quizzes to help get your class involved. We also have ready-made worksheets in a Microsoft Word format – which means that you can change them to suit your the ability of your class. All of these resources can be found in the teachers’ section of our website,

Top Tip!

Be sure to check this section at the beginning of July, as we’ll be adding even more lesson plans which have been tried and tested by teachers across the UK.

Another worrying trend…

We have all heard about the worrying childhood obesity trends, which indicate that by 2015, one in ten children in the UK will be obese. But have you heard about the latest rise in  childgirl on scaleshood dieting and eating disorders? A survey of 32,000 ten to fifteen year olds by the Schools Health Education Unit revealed that teenage girls regularly skip up to two meals a  day with breakfast and lunch being the most commonly missed. Healthy eating at any age is important, but especially throughout the childhood and teenage years as young bodies are still developing. With this in mind, we have created an interactive podcast about healthy eating and the importance of eating a balanced diet for you to use in the classroom. You can find this by clicking on the following link

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