The Grain Chain

Children can have a taste adventure! has teamed up with Slow Food UK to offer you the chance to take your class or child on an exciting taste adventure where they can squish strawberries, crunch carrots or get to grips with grain.

The Taste Adventure is a free of charge, simple but fun activity aimed at four to 10 year olds (but loved just as much by the big kids among us) which teaches children to think about food in greater detail. Budding young taste adventurers are given a passport at the start of their inspiring journey through five interactive zones- each engaging one of our five senses- taste, touch, hearing, smell and sight. Each zone enables them to explore, interact and make new food discoveries through a series of challenges. Can they tell the difference between sweet, savoury, sour and bitter tastes? Have they ever listened to the sound that their food makes? (We’re not talking about the snap, crackle and pop of their breakfast cereal here but more the crunch of freshly baked bread or the squishy, slurpy noise when they eat cucumber). Are they brave enough to put their hand into the unknown and guess what food stuff is in the bag, using only their sense of touch?

When they successfully complete their journey through each zone, children receive a stamp on their passport, which they then take home as proof that they have successfully completed their quest.

The Taste Adventure is coming to lots of different events around the country, so be sure to keep checking out our blog for details.

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